Fresh bikes are sliding in!!!!

We have had a lot going on lately folks! Orville has been on his Fall buying spree and has been bringing in cruisers and sport bikes (hence the lack of having time to make new posts). Here is the freshest build: a 2007 Suzuki GSXR600. You can find full details and walk around pictures under the Suzuki (Sport) tab toward the top of the Home page. As always, if you have any questions feel free to call us and ask Jamie about the details.IMG_2099


Ok folks, we are back online! We had some internet issues with Windstream last week and didn’t have any connection to the world for a few days but they have fixed the problem and we are back up and ready to rock and roll! We have had a few bikes to sell so be sure to check the inventory list (click on the brand tab on our home page) for the remaining selection. We will be posting some pics later this week of the fresh stuff, so stay tuned for the newest toys!

A little something new…


So you say you want something new? Something unique? Something no one else is going to have? We present unto you the Suzuki B-King. This naked beast derived from the heart of a Hayabusa just arrived, and there’s no way it will be here long. The best part: it has a CLEAN TITLE!

Call the shop, 270-879-8979, as soon as you can to check on this unique bike, then get yourself to the shop ASAP because the B-King wont’ be here long.

Parts Request Submission

Our apologies, but in recent weeks we have technical difficulties with the Parts Request Form on the website. The issue has been resolved, but because of the nature of the issue parts requests did not submit correctly and were missing key elements in order for us to be able to provide service. We ask that anyone who has emailed or used the website to request parts from August 8, 2014 – August 20, 2014 to please resubmit a parts request.

Again we apologize for this inconvenience, and thank you for your patience during this time of technical difficulties.