Going Old School… Well, not that old…

There was a time when a liter bike meant something. It wasn’t just something you could hop on as a beginner rider and take off because of all the techno-do-dads. That time was back in the early years of fuel injected beasts like the 2003 Yamaha R1. Just give it a whirl, torque is your friend, but it isn’t for the faint of heart or unsteady throttle hand.


Smooth Power

Looking for something with fun power, but runs smooth as butter? You need a Honda 929. Check this gem out! It has been loved properly with a 954 engine swap to sweeten the deal even more for a little of a sleeper bike for you.


Running behind!!!!

Sorry it’s been a while since we got to make an update, Folks. It’s been a hectic season and we have been SLAMMED! Here’s a quick update. We have sold the 2012 Triumph Bonneville America, took a 2003 GL1800 in on trade and we have already sold the GL1800. We have a couple of fresh bikes that will hopefully be up and running soon. Stay tuned in to this page and our Facebook page or stop in and see Jamie to get in the know.Triump

Closing out the week right!!

Yes Folks, we’re still selling them well. The 2009 Kawasaki VN900 Classic has found a new home. We would like to say a big thank you to Van for the purchase. We look forward to serving you and taking care of your motorcycle wants and needs for years to come. It looks like the showroom is getting bare pretty quick so get in here and snag up your ride before we sell it to someone else.IMG_3403[1]