Two more Yamahas have hit the road!

And the 2005 Yamaha R6 has SOLD!!! Thank you for the purchase Mr. Willis!!!! We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to serving your motorcycle needs and wants for years to come. Remember we sell bike accessories, tires, brakes and more, plus we service bikes. We can also keep you riding safe with the proper gear from head to toe. Here’s to many miles and many smiles on twos to come!

And the 2014 Yamaha Bolt 950 has SOLD!!!! Thank you, Mr. Beasly, for being a repeat offender-um we mean buyer! lol. We can’t wait to hear how much you guys are getting to enjoy those bikes so be sure to stop in and see us with stories of your adventures.

Super Sexy and gone fast!

That didn’t last long!!! We posted this one Thursday and it SOLD today!!!! This beautiful 2017 Honda CBR500r will be loving its new life out doing what Honda made it for….. riding!!! We want to say a big THANK YOU to Mr. Rich for your purchase. Remember to come see us for all your motorcycle wants and needs. We sell riding gear, accessories and go fast goodies for your bike. When you wear out those tires come see us for amazing deals!

A couple we’ve SOLD!!!

Hey Folks, it’s getting closer to riding season and we are selling We’ve been a little busy and haven’t had much time to make posts about our sales, but here is what’s sold recently. The 2003 Honda VT750 Spirit bobber (black with green flames) and the 2008 Victory Vision (silver) have both found new homes to give them loads of loving miles! We look forward to hearing of the adventures that Mr. Welch (a repeat customer, multiple times!) and Mr. Benson (first time Green’s buyer) have to tell us when they come back in for tires, brakes, gear, their next bike or what ever other bike needs or wants they have. Thank you, gentlemen, for your purchases.

Loud and Proud!!!!

Who wants to wake the neighbors? This 2014 Yamaha 950 Bolt will surely fit the bill. It has a KY Rebuilt title, hi-way bar, 3,700 miles, the optional passenger pegs and seat and pipes that will wake people for miles around. This bike is a blast to ride and looks as bad ass going down the road as it feels. If you have any questions, give us a call at 270-879-8979 and ask for Jamie. Give us a day or two and we will have it posted on the web site with FULL details (including price) over at This one isn’t going to last long, especially since we’ve got a couple of lookers on it anyway so if you;’re entertaining the thought, you better get in here and get your money on the table before someone else snags it up!

Another one takes a ride!!!

Look at this, a bit of snow in the air and some rain on the ground and we’re still selling bikes. Yes, this 2003 Honda VT750 Spirit Bobber has moved on to a new and loving owner. Be sure to get in and get some money down on the one you’ve been wanting so bad. Riding season will be here before you know it and we want you to get it before someone else does. We look forward to seeing the smile you’ll be wearing when you make that bike yours!!!

Sellin’ these bikes!!!

Hey Folks, we’re selling bikes already!!!! This beautiful 2004 Kawasaki VN800 SOLD before we even got it finished or put on the web page. With a KY Rebuilt title and only 10,000 miles it was gone before we got the chance to show it off. We keep hinting to come in in person to see what we have and Mr. Decker heeded the call. He stopped in and saw what we were working on but hadn’t got to post for the world to see yet.

We hope you enjoy this bike for years and miles to come. Be sure to stop in and see us on random occasions and when you need tires, brakes or any other accessories-including riding gear. Hope to see you out there on the road.

Ready for a fantastic ride!!!

Another gorgeous bike rolling out of the shop and into the showroom for sale. This 2004 BMW R1150R is ready for a long day of touring. With a touring windshield, two level heated grips and ABS brakes front and rear you’ll be ready for any kind of weather. This bike already has a full aftermarket exhaust and carbon fiber radiator shrouds. With it’s buttery smooth transmission and powerful boxer twin engine both bike and rider will be humming along in comfort mile after mile and smiling on long straight roads or twisty back roads. This jewel has a KY Rebuilt title and 22,xxx miles. Come in and throw a leg over it and see how it feels. Who knows, it may be so nice that you just have to take it for a test ride. Be sure to bring your proof of vehicle insurance, a valid license and your own helmet if you don’t want to wear one of ours.

Already moving some of the new stuff!!!

Yes Folks, we are here to tell you that you’re missing your opportunity. The 19993 Honda GL1500 has SOLD already. This beauty didn’t last long. You’ve still got a chance to pick out that bike you’ve been lusting after, but probably not for long. We have a large and various inventory to choose from. Stop in and see Jamie and let him show you the bike you’ve been eyeballing.

She’s finally done!!!

This SUPER SEXY 2005 Suzuki GSX1300r Hayabusa will have your rides filled with comfort and thrills every time you throw a leg across it! Check out the Suzuki Sport Inventory for full 360* pictures and complete information, including price.

We’re Back!

After the technical malfunction that was beyond FUBAR we are finally back. We’ll leave out all the mumbo jumbo, but it’s been fun. It’s going to be a bit of a process to get everything rolling seeing as how the internet demons decided to wreck havoc upon our little, digital universe; but the good part is that it is a totally redesigned site and a bit of a work in process as we try to recover everything and piece it all back together.