Tax Season = Bike Season

It’s that time of year again. The time when Uncle Sam kicks a little something back and we all go out and do something wonderfully irresponsible with the newfound income that’s suddenly come our way.

Others do something irresponsible, anyway. Bikers know this is the time of year when it’s time to invest in new gear, new equipment, or the occasional new bike… or three.

The inventory is starting to grow once and this benefits you most of all. While all your friends are out blowing their newly found wealth on mundane things like TVs, surround sound systems, turntables, or even doing something unheard of like paying a few bills, you, my friend, get to reap the rewards of of the motorcycle market just before everyone else realizes it’s almost spring and they start looking into a new motorcycle.

Be the envy of all the boring people out there and roll through the new additions on the website. This year seems to be honored with the time honored tradition of the comeback of Suzuki motorcycles once again.


Uh oh! Is that something fast?

Here’s another new one to the list of fresh meat!!! This awesome 2005 Suzuki GSXR 750 is sure to help you get your speed and power fix if you’re looking for a fast ride. This bike has a CLEAN KENTUCKY TITLE and only 16,8xx miles. With a Yoshimura exhaust she already sings a beautiful note to help scoot you on down the road. She has some blemishes but we prefer to call it character and attitude. At only $3800 this GSXR will not stick around for long. Stop in and see it or call Jamie for any more details or to get your questions answered at 270-879-8979


The Red Monster!

Check out the 2015 Honda CB300f we have! We’re waiting on the bottom fairings to come in but it’s almost ready. This bike has a Musarri exhaust and sounds beautiful! It only has 2,950 miles and will make someone a fantastic bike. Come by and see it or give us a call and talk to Jamie for more details. 270-879-8979 $2700


Orville is ready to move some bikes we have had around for a while. He is cutting prices on a certain few so be sure to check them out. He has dropped the price on the VL800 from $3500 to $3000 the price on the VTX1800 from $5400 to $4900 and finally the price on the V Strom from $2500 to $2000.

2005 Suzuki VL800 - $3800

2005 Suzuki VL800 – $3000

2007 Honda VTX1800 - $5400

2007 Honda VTX1800 – $4900

image 2004 Suzuki V Strom $2000